Do you sleep like a starfish? A soldier? Or are you more inclined to snuggle up into a foetal position, when you climb into bed? Whatever your sleeping position, the super king bed can accommodate all, providing enough space to stretch out and get cosy. If you frequently find yourself sharing with bed-hopping children or pets, it is the perfect solution for a decent night’s sleep. With our selection of super king ottoman beds, you can get the best of both worlds with an abundance of sleep space and equally as much storage.

The super king ottoman is the pinnacle of beds but it can be tricky to know where to start, when looking for one. We have created a quick guide below, to help you get started.

What are the dimensions of a super king ottoman bed?

A super king bed generally measures 6 ft 0” by 6 ft 6” although they can alter slightly around this mark. A sample of our most popular beds can be seen below:

Castello Sleigh bed W192cm L265 cm H118cm

Aspire range W189.6cm D219cm H111cm

Marquis Grey Velvet Bed W189cm L218cm H135cm

Accent Grey Ottoman Bed W184cm L225.5cm H120cm

Medburn Marbella Grey Ottoman Bed W191.5cm L214.5cm H128cm

What are the benefits of a super king ottoman bed?

Seeing as we spend a third of our lives in our humble beds, we might as well invest in making them comfortable ones. A super king bed has a range of benefits including:

They are perfect for sharing

If your family has a habit of bedhopping and sharing, then a super king provides the optimal solution for a better night’s sleep. With plenty of space, you can survive night-time interruptions from pesky pets, children or partners. One of the most common reasons for poor sleep is partner disturbance. If you have a wriggly partner, the super king bed is large enough to account for movement without waking one another.

They look great

Our super king ottoman beds are designed with premium quality and comfort in mind. If you have a spacious bedroom, then a proportional bed is fundamental to getting the aesthetics just right. A small bed in a large room can feel a little lost, but a grand super king bed looks completely at home. Choose a stunning Castello Sleigh bed for a French-inspired style or, for a timeless range, the Aspire ottoman bed selection has a choice of 37 colours and 9 different, charming designs.

The storage is incredible

The ottoman bed has long been hailed as a fantastic multi-functional furniture solution for bedrooms. With a super king bed, you get an abundance of storage; a great option for bedding, and out-of-season clothes. With easy to lift systems in place, accessing your storage is quick and easy.

What type of super king ottoman beds can you buy?

The great answer to this is: the variety is huge! If you love a bed with all the mod-cons, then the Chilton Grey Ottoman Storage bed is just the ticket. Complete with LED lights and handy USB ports this modern bed is ideal for those who love a bed with gadgets.

Complementing a contemporary interior, this Walkworth Fabric Ottoman bed is upholstered in stunning silver fabric and has a beautifully detailed buttoned, plush headboard.

If you love to snuggle down and stream a series at bedtime, a TV bed with storage is exactly what you need! The ideal space saver with its hideaway television storage and ottoman, this Barnard Grey Fabric Ottoman Storage bed is the swiss army knife of beds.

For a traditional design, The Old English Bed Company has mastered the art of the divan bed. Complete with ottoman storage, this beautiful super king bed has a sleek fabric frame and is accompanied by a perfectly fitting mattress. The divan bed range is available in a wide variety of colours so you will never struggle to find a design to complement your bedroom interior.

If you have the space, a super king ottoman bed is a fantastic option for a blissful night’s sleep. For further information on ottoman beds, take a look at our Buyers Guide to Ottoman Beds.