A charming style that can be incorporated into all pockets of the home, rustic design encompasses the best of nature. From rustic bedroom ideas to bringing in the raw elements of nature, we look at how to bring this design into your home.

When you step inside a home with a rustic interior, you know it. An inviting atmosphere, highlighting the very best of nature, its look and feel is warm, cosy and homely. The true elegance of rustic design derives from its use of raw and natural materials such as wood and stone, against a warming backdrop of textures and materials. It can be blended into several designs; coast, modern and farmhouse to name a few, making it the perfect style to introduce into your abode.

From rustic bedroom ideas to earthy kitchen tables, we have brought together some tips

to incorporate the theme into all corners of your home.

Earthy hues and delicate neutrals

Embodying the colours of nature, a rustic design has a backdrop of neutral colours, balanced with an earthy palette. Pick colours of raw nature; think forest greens, autumn reds and deep browns. The trick is to inject hints of colour against a neutral background, but not to go overboard. 

Furniture that is built to last

Rustic furniture is often distinctive and always oversized, robust and sturdy. In a living room, a coffee table is an elegant anchor in the layout. This Granger reclaimed coffee table beautifully brings a rustic vibe to a room.

A rustic living room design is incomplete without a cosy sofa for the perfect wind-down spot. A plush sofa, such as this gorgeous Hambleton chaise style, calls out to be snuggled into and can even accommodate overnight guests with its handy sofa bed option.

In search of rustic bedroom furniture ideas for a serene bedroom to unwind in? Look for distressed, antique style wardrobes as exhibited by this hand crafted Dakota wardrobe for maximum style. This reclaimed hand crafted Dakota bed wonderfully completes a rustic bedroom.

Layer up

The more that you can layer the better! As a rustic backdrop can be fairly neutral, adding interesting textural pieces and materials can transform a room from bland to cosy. Introduce a rug to an area, combine textured pillows and blankets on sofas and consider warming curtains to give the cosy factor. Adding texture is fundamental to the rustic look.

Combining alternative materials is another rustic characteristic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials; stone, real brick and metal can complement each other when used thoughtfully. For a wow factor, consider a reclaimed kitchen table mixed with vibrant, colourful chairs.

There are so many rustic bedroom ideas to choose from and it is a great area of the home to experiment with the design. Choose solid wood, as characterised by our Venice reclaimed wood bed and combine with soft colours for a calming, grounded space. Equally, a bedroom is a great space to introduce feminine rustic chic, through florals, soft pinks and green plants. Select rustic bedroom furniture that makes your bedroom feel cosy, welcoming and warm.

Finish with little touches

Keep the room connected with little touches of nature; thoughtfully placed plants and flowers are a beautiful way of letting the outdoors in. Accentuate with candles and organic twigs for interesting coffee table displays or create a feature wall with exposed brick. Hunt around antique stalls for one-off finds for a vintage aesthetic vibe. It is the little touches that pull a room together. 

The rustic design is all about bringing warmth and cosiness into the home through colour, materials, layering and thoughtful furniture. It has an inviting atmosphere, making it the ideal look for those wanting to create a welcoming space of profound calm. For further inspiration take a look at our rustic bedroom furniture ideas and our extensive reclaimed dining and living room range.