A New Year is the perfect excuse for giving your home a refresh. We take a look at the home interiors trends for 2022.

No one can deny that the past few years have been anything but chaotic! As we enter the New Year with a little uncertainty, it is the perfect time to take stock of our homes and implement some of this year’s upcoming trends to give us a much-needed spring in our step. There are some fabulous new trends to incorporate into your homes that will have you embracing your home comforts and utilising every nook and cranny.

What are the home interiors trends for 2022?

  • Multifunctional rooms

Does your dining table awkwardly double up as an office? Then you aren’t alone. With hybrid working now the new normal, 2022 is all about maximising your space and really utilising the rooms that you have. Our homes need to be fluid and adaptable to current times. When it comes to creating a multifunctional room, flexibility is key. Combine playrooms with children’s bedrooms and partner up kitchen and dining rooms to cunningly utilise space.

  • Clever furniture choices

A multifunctional room calls out for innovative furniture and there are just so many options to choose from. Consider:

  • An adaptable sofa bed in an office, or a daybed for a touch of elegance.
  • Narrow desks and flexible lamps for a multifunctional office. Read our blog for tips to WFH in style.
  • Opting for sensible storage solutions to minimise clutter. Wall shelves, charming sideboards, ottomans and bookcases can all hide a multitude of belongings.
  • A TV bed for a bedroom. This genius design enables a television to be hidden at the foot at the bed, rising at the push of a button. This is excellent for those looking to free up space.
  • Soften up with curves

Curvy furniture created a bit of a stir last year and we will continue to see this far into 2022. Fantastically elegant, warm and inviting, curved furniture has a contemporary feel that complements a modern home. Consider statement chairs as characterised by this Barletta armchair or rounded cocooned coffee tables for furniture with a soft, modern twist.

  • Sustainable furniture reigns

2021 witnessed a drastic change into the way that we shopped. With supply chains collapsing, items were no longer readily available. This has created an upsurge in antique sales and consumers looking to buy sustainable, long lasting furniture. It is a shopping habit that is expected to continue into this year. Upholstering furniture and seeking out select antique pieces is not only great for the environment but for your wallet too. If you plan to buy, then it really is worth doing your homework and investing in good quality furniture that will stand the test of time. At Love Home Living, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality furniture for our customers.

There has also been a shift in the consumer demand for natural and sustainable materials. Timber, linen and wool are all fantastic materials worth considering.

  • Go Green

Warm, nurturing and earthy colours are predicted to be on trend next year. Inspiring tranquillity, green complements wooden accessories and makes a space feel both cosy and fresh. You can introduce small elements of green through plants, wall art or by adding texture with warming throws and rugs. The colour green has a diversely rich palette.  Go for deep olive greens for an earthy feel or a soft, lighter green for a refreshing touch. This colour can be incorporated anywhere, we love this velvet swivel chair to freshen up an office.

  • Luxurious bedding

Our health has taken precedence during the pandemic. This, combined with the fact that we are spending more time in our homes means that good quality sleep and premium bedding are a must! Invest in some luxury bedding and high-quality duvets for a 5-star hotel quality feel. Sumptuously soft in texture, linen bed sheets are the perfect accompaniment for a nourishing night’s sleep.

We have spent a lot of time in our homes in the past two years; hence why home interior trends for 2022 really focus upon making the most of our space and enhancing our wellbeing. These trends are a fantastic way of revamping your interior space and providing a much needed refresh for the year ahead.