Are you a host with the most? Or is your happy place simply hunkering down for a cosy family meal? Whether your dining area is a snug hub in an open plan space, or you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated room; dining rooms are an excellent place to entertain guests or wind down with a luscious meal. We have rounded up the key dining room ideas to transform your dining experience- whatever its size.

  1. The perfect dining table

Ok, this may be a case of stating the obvious, but a dining room isn’t a dining room without a table to feast upon. For large rooms, a rectangular table can have a striking impact. This Spire ash and walnut wood table is perfect for traditional interiors as well as being extendable, which is super handy for saving on space.

For smaller interiors, round tables are fantastic for visually freeing up space. If you are looking for a compact table, that is super stylish to boot, our bronze Zepplin dining table complements the smallest of spaces.

  1. Suitable dining chairs

Every dining table needs chairs! When it comes to choosing the perfect set of chairs, go straight for the comfort factor first. Your guests will thank you for it. Fabric chairs are ideal as they are organically cosy and you can also play with different colours to jazz up a dining room. Our Flanagan chairs deliver on comfort as well as injecting a spark of colour into a modern home. Alternatively, for light and airy or traditional spaces, consider wooden chairs with padded seats.

Fancy a dining area with a twist? Try mix and matching seating for a thoroughly modern effect. Incorporate a sleek bench for casual mismatched seating or adding vibrant colours, to make a statement.

  1. Break up floor space with a rug

A rug might not be your first thought when furnishing a dining room but they are a fantastic accessory. A cohesive rug can instantly lift a room and add the right amount of texture against dining room furniture. They are perfect too, for breaking up open plan spaces. As a rule, match your rug shape to your table, opt for the larger size and choose a short pile design for an easy clean. Pure natural fibres are far more dining room friendly than synthetic blends.

  1. Strike it right with lighting

The right style of lighting can set the tone of a room. Capitalise on natural light and consider both wall lights and table lamps for an even distribution of light. A captivating pendant light or chandelier can also work well as a statement piece. We love this Lambeth 4 pendant light for its instinctively warming design. Even your light bulb can have an impact on a room. Opt for warm hued bulbs to create the perfect ambience.

  1. Smart storage

Whether it is a console table, a sideboard or some shelving it is always handy to have some storage in a dining area. And this is especially the case if your dining area doubles up as an office! A compact console table like this Leon mango wood design is perfect for smaller spaces. It adds an elegant touch and is handy for storing away dining accessories or paperwork.

If you have a dedicated dining room then a sideboard can make a striking impression. This sleek marble top Barcelona sideboard looks stunning and has ample storage for hiding clutter.

The right dining room furniture will keep your space clutter free and in tip top condition for everyday living and entertaining. For further inspiration and dining room ideas take a look at our unique dining room collection to breathe new life into your mealtimes.