Every once in a while, a product comes along that ticks all the boxes. Corner sofas are immensely popular as they free up space in living areas whilst providing ample seating for families and guests. A corner sofa bed surpasses expectations and provides comfort and convenience, whilst concealing a very handy secret. Easily transforming into a roomy bed for overnight guests, a corner sofa bed is a fantastic addition to any home.

At Love Home Living we stock a range of corner sofa beds that will unequivocally maximise space and impress overnight visitors with their comfort and practicality.

Why choose a corner sofa bed?

A corner sofa is fabulous for bringing guests together in an inviting, intimate setting. With the added dynamic of converting to a bed, you have the best of both worlds in just one product. This makes them an excellent investment. If your home is short on room, a corner sofa bed makes an excellent space-saving option. Equally, if you just want to free up a guest room, then a corner sofa bed will transform a living room in one easy step. 

What to look for in a corner sofa bed?

Ultimately, you need a sofa bed that complements your room’s interior. If you have a modern, minimalist interior then a Scandi design sofa is the perfect choice for achieving a clutter-free, sophisticated look. Our Norwood Chaise sofa bed is beautifully upholstered in a durable fabric, available in 77 different colours. Choose from pocket or open coil spring for a sumptuously comfortable night’s sleep. This sofa bed features deep seating cushioning with an oak finished wooden frame, providing comfort and looking fantastic in a minimalist living room.

Always measure the area first and account for the floor space that will be used when the sofa is unfolded.

Which colour to choose?

If we were to dial back time, sofa beds were designed for convenience, not style. Fortunately, we have come a long way and there is now an array of colours and fabrics to choose from. Our collection of corner sofa beds is available in a wide variety of colours- you will be utterly spoilt for choice! This is demonstrated by our timeless Dulwich Chaise sofa bed where you can choose from Placido Jet to Terracotta. There is a colour for any style of living room. With so many colour options, you will never struggle to find the right design for your home.

At Love Home Living, we know that a good quality sofa bed must offer an equally good quality night sleep. Search our range here for a selection of our fabulous sofa beds.