Don’t wait endless months for the benefits of sunshine; incorporate some of these uplifting home decor ideas to get you through the darker months.

You can easily be forgiven for having a touch of January blues this month. After all, the glitz and glamour of the festive season have come to an abrupt end and it is back to a stark, cold reality. The dark afternoons and damp weather have quickly lost their appeal and, sunshine seems light years away. It may feel bleak, but January is the perfect time to give your interior an uplift. We have come up with some ideas to brighten up your home this month. 

Let in as much light as you can

Naturally, our moods dip at this time of year. This is a fact backed up by science. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects up to 2 million people in the UK during the winter period. It is thought to be caused by the lack of sunlight in winter. Sunlight helps our bodies produce serotonin (our happy hormone) and release melatonin which regulates our body clocks. With natural sunlight at a premium, let in as much as you can. Use shutters instead of curtains and introduce layers of lighting in the form of lamps, candles and ceiling lights. It is also a good idea to clear any clutter from windowsills and use white gloss paint to brighten them up.

When it comes to dark winters, our Scandinavian neighbours are experts at adapting and maximising light. After all, their winters are renowned for being really long with very little sunshine. Embrace a Scandinavian home decor theme by opting for breezy colours, opening up space and encouraging as much light into your home as possible.

Optimise sleep with a tranquil bedroom

There is something about winter and chilly nights that make us want to reach for our duvets. Use this time to invest in your bed and choose a comfy mattress together with some luxurious bedding. A good night’s sleep does wonders for our health and wellbeing, especially during winter when our immune systems are naturally low. For further ideas on how to enrich your sleep, read our blog on The Science of Sleep.

Brighten up your space with flowers and plants

The presence of flowers and plants in a home can trigger feelings of happiness and be great for our mental health. Research even shows that flowers and plants can improve our memory retention and concentration. So, treat yourself to a cheery bunch of flowers- there really is no better excuse!

Incorporate the warmth of wood

Wood has aesthetically warming properties that can change the dynamic of a room. Warming up contemporary rooms and adding a rustic charm to a timeless theme, wood complements a range of interior designs. This charming coffee table uses reclaimed wood and adds depth to a living room. Alternatively, use your bedroom to introduce some elegant carpentry with this stunning mahogany sleigh bed.

Create depth with texture

The buzzword of 2021, ‘adding texture’ is an excellent way of making a drab space feel warm and inviting. Bring in throws and mix and match cushions. Lay down a rug for another layer of texture and to make a room feel cosy. Combine soft upholstered furnishings with other varying materials. This will add a new depth and dimension to your home decor.

Inject some colour

Complimentary splashes of colour will make a room pop and generate vibrant energy. A bright throw, floor cushions and pouffes are perfect for introducing colour without going overboard. We especially love this striking flannel throw that is not only rich and homely in colour, but super snug on colder nights too! Adding uplifting artwork can be another way of brightening up your space with home decor. Choose pictures that invoke feelings of warmth and happiness.

Create some space and reflect light with a mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic way of maximising light. If you can, place a mirror adjacent to a window. This way you can optimise natural light by allowing it to bounce around a room. Mirrors are also excellent for introducing texture, either by accentuating other furnishings or as a stand-alone statement piece. This stunning Logan mirror is sure to brighten up any room.

Don’t get beaten by the January blues. Incorporate some of these quick-fix home décor ideas to brighten up your interior and give your mood a much needed lift.