Top tips and girl’s bedroom ideas for a space designed to grow with your child.

Whether you have a whimsical princess or a budding explorer, designing a bedroom that reflects their unique personality is a fun and rewarding project. Not just for sleeping, a bedroom is a special space for your little one to play, relax and have independence as they grow. It can be a great bonding experience too, if your child is old enough, why not create a mood board together, to get you started? To help, we have plenty of girls bedroom ideas for a bedroom that she will never want to leave.

Create a feature wall with unique wallpaper

Feature walls are a fabulous touch for a little girl’s room. They are perfect for drawing a room together and adding character. Try using fun wallpaper with eye-catching designs. You can spark your child’s imagination by creating a mural with a world map, a solar system or an enchanted woodland. Just select an interior wall that is free from clutter and tall furniture, such as behind a low headboard.

Select girl’s bedroom furniture that will stand the test of time

Girl’s bedroom furniture can be charming, especially when they are young. However, a petite wardrobe may look twee when they are toddlers but as they grow it will neither be appealing nor practical. Choose a functional wardrobe that is high on quality and big on style. This Lara taupe wardrobe with its elegant curves, is super chic, whatever the theme of the room.

Let loose with colour

When it comes to choosing the colour theme of your little girl’s bedroom, the world is your oyster! Delicate pastels or neutrals are a great starting point, if you want a bedroom that will grow with your child. Equally, what’s fantastic about paint, is that it is both quick and easy to change. Go soft and whimsical with pastels, wild and dramatic with bolds or incorporate sunny yellows for an uplifting vibe.

Choose a bed that will make bedtime a breeze

Inject a little adventure with a themed bed like this London bus bunkbed, or choose a bed that your child will happily bunk down into through to teenagerhood. This Grace daybed is perfect for smaller rooms, with plenty of under-bed storage and inbuilt shelves. There is an additional option for an underbed, making it ideal for sleepovers.

Get creative with paint

What better room is there to ignite a spark of fun and magic? Girls’ bedrooms are a great excuse to embrace your creative side with paint. Use stencils to transform a wall from bland to bold. Easy to implement, stencil art can give the room an instant facelift. Try vibrant gold circles or pastel butterflies for a room that little girls will love. Or, if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, wall stickers are a superb alternative.

Get the lighting just right

A bedroom is a space to read, play and relax, so it is important to choose a balance of lighting that can accommodate all. Choose a striking pendant light and layer with a night light and bedside table lamp. Fairy lights draped across a headboard or tepee can make a bedroom feel enchantingly cosy.

Have fun with prints and texture 

There are some utterly adorable prints that can be incorporated into a girl’s bedroom. Cute, patterned bedspreads, shaggy rugs and even cuddly teddy bears all add dimension and bring a space to life. Better still, these soft furnishings are easy to switch up as their interests change.

A desk for crafting and concentration

An easy to reach desk offers a child her own unique space to engage in crafts and, once they get older, homework. Providing the perfect solution for smaller bedrooms is our Kimbo cabin bed. Featuring a pull-out desk and drawers, little ones can access with ease.

By investing in quality furniture that will stand the test of time, and choosing changeable little touches, you can create a sanctuary from babyhood through to teenage years. For further girls bedroom ideas take a look at our extensive kid’s bed range.