Renowned for their flair and elegance, the French have long led the way in the worlds of fashion and interior. Effortlessly chic and equally refined, French interior design is a popular choice in our homes.

French interior style ranges from delightfully ornate to warming rustic, and draws its inspiration from the countryside and the city. Although these looks can appear wildly different, there is a ruling undercurrent between the two. This style eludes a casual effortlessness and manages never to be too imposing.

Combine old and new

There is a heavy focus, in French interior, on showcasing furnishings that have been passed down through the generations. Furniture embodies the wear and tear of years that have passed and has a story to tell. That’s not to say you need to scour markets and hassle older relatives; thankfully there are some fabulous designs at our fingertips!

A French style bed is the perfect starting point in a bedroom. French style beds are known for their graceful curves, handcrafted frames and delicate details, making them an excellent focal point. An upholstered French style bed, such as this Avignon beige French Mindy design, charmingly softens a bedroom. In a dining area, choose an elegant dining table to provide the ultimate French wow factor. The perfect choice for smaller spaces is our

Mustique extendable dining table. Add a modern touch with a pendant light and vintage décor pieces.

The French are not known to rush things, especially their homes! This is not a design that can be pulled off over a weekend. Discovering those perfect little touches takes time.

Get creative with space

You will struggle to find a French home that is crammed full or cluttered. Their homes are light and airy yet, steer away from feeling clinical. A French interior manages to look wonderfully lived in with strategically placed, functional items. Make your room feel light and airy with wooden floors, leaving space around your furniture. If you are tight on space, focus on only the furnishings that you need and keep your base colours light to avoid closing an area in. Let natural light flow into a room and use an ornate mirror to create the illusion of space.

Snuggle down with a French style bed 

Grand and often opulent, a French style bed elevates the status of a bedroom with ease. What’s more, there is a design suitable for both classic and modern interiors.  Our Rapture high foot end French bed is luxuriously soft and features deep buttoning for a one-of-a-kind look. For a traditional French bed, our Kara oak bed oozes style and has plenty of handy under-bed storage, making it ideal for smaller bedrooms. Pair with an elegant dressing table, exhibited by our Willis and Gambier Camille Oak design, for a shabby chic twist.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to new furniture, consider upcycling your own, and adding small details, such as feminine floral cushions or patterned wallpaper, to achieve the French look.

Mix and match lighting designs

Strike it right with lighting by using a combination of designs. An artistic, eye-catching pendant captures guests’ attention and draws the eyes to the focal point of the room. The French layout focuses heavily on encouraging conversation. Layer up lighting to promote a warm and inviting space. This antique style floor lamp  combined with dimmable wall lights, provides the ultimate cosy space.

Source natural materials

All elements of French design embrace the use of natural materials. To maintain warmth in a room, source materials such as stone, wood and brick. These can be brought in through flooring, exposed walls and furniture pieces. Distressed pieces, such as leather sofas and richly dark, wooden tables are often found in French interiors.

Add character with a dash of opulence

To capture the true essence of a French interior, try adding character with one-off opulent pieces, such as a glitzy chandelier in a bedroom or an ornate mirror in a bedroom. A few discreet luxury items perfectly complement the French aesthetic. Any more than this can border on looking tacky, so ensure to choose with care.

For a space with bags of character, the French design is a popular look for those wanting to bring functionality and elegance to their abode. Take a look at our extensive range including French style beds and dining and living furniture for further inspiration.