Create the ultimate bedroom with our top tips and boys bedroom furniture ideas.

Whether you have a Lego enthusiast or a stockpiler of video games, a boy’s bedroom can fast become a hazard zone (have you ever trodden on a Lego brick in the midst of the night? Ouch!) If you want to create a boy’s bedroom of dreams, then you will need to be armed with some clever storage, along with some practical furniture and plenty of fun ideas. Always get your child involved from the get-go. Just the same with girls’ bedroom ideas, their input is key in making a room they will love, whether it is choosing a colour or deciding on a theme.

  1. Cast a spotlight on their hobbies

Do you have a boy who is crazy about football or a dutiful theatre buff? Wherever their interests lie, turning their passion into a theme is a sure-fire way to keep them happy. As they get older, their interests will undoubtedly change, so ensure that the room can keep up. Frame poster prints so they can be swapped with ease and use changeable furnishings, such as themed duvets and lamps.

  1. Choose boys bedroom furniture that will last through to teenage years 

It is always worth considering boys bedroom furniture that will grow with them. Opt for high quality wardrobes that will have enough space for them as they get older and their clothing gets bigger. This Boston oak 2 door wardrobe provides ample storage, as well as looking sleek and elegant in a bedroom. Invest in dividers and boxes to utilise extra space efficiently.

  1. Get the bed just right 

Every child is unique, and their bed requirements will change over time. From cot to toddler bed and beyond, the variety of boys bedroom furniture is vast. Indulge in their younger years with an exciting bed that they will delight in snoozing in. We adore this Campervan bunkbed for a super fun themed room. Or, if you want a bed that will see your little one through the years and their changeable interests, opt for a bed like this Maisie Captain bed. Modern in design, with handy storage, this is the perfect option for smaller rooms. It even has the option of a handy pull-out bed for sleepovers or guests.

  1. Create a whole new world with a den

No matter what the age, most boys will love a secret den. Whether you have a teenager that wants to hide away or a fun-loving adventurer, a den is a great space to encourage imaginative play and independence. A child’s teepee tent with floor cushions, fluffy blankets and fairy lights are a fantastic option for playtime and for winding down. For an older boy, a gaming bed with an area to indulge in gaming is the perfect spot to retreat to and call their own. Alternatively, design a chill-out space with bean bags and some cool lighting to hang out with friends.

  1. Get sleepover ready

Whether your child shares a room or frequently has friends to stay, it can pay to have a bunk bed. Utilising the height of the room and freeing up floor space, bunk beds can be the perfect option, especially if you are short on space. We love this Orion oak bunk bed for a contemporary room, especially as it has the added benefit of some handy storage. Or, get creative and design the ultimate sleepover bedroom with this fun London bus bunk bed.

Whatever the age, a boy’s bedroom needs to reflect their personality and be a space that they want to spend time in. By including them in your plans, selecting suitable boys bedroom furniture and creating a theme they will love, you will have one happy boy and hopefully no Lego mishaps! For further inspiration check out our kids’ bed range here.