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Sofa in a Box

From box to sofa in just 5 minutes, our sofas in a box are super speedy. In fact, you could probably assemble one quicker than it takes to brew a coffee! We stock a wide range of designs: from compact sofas to 3 seater sofa beds, and even elegant armchairs. Whether you desire a classic Chesterfield design or a minimalist Scandi style, there is a sofa in a box suitable for any interior.

Our superb sofa in a box range:

Is quick and easy to assemble

You will have your sofa up and ready in no time, without any of the hassle. The unique and easy lock-in system means that the sofa is not only quickly assembled, but instantly resilient.

As opposed to traditional sofas that can be complicated to construct and cumbersome to move, the sofa in a box is speedy and will fit with ease inside your living room.

Is the perfect solution for smaller spaces

A traditional sofa’s dimensions may fit in your designated space, but will they fit through doorways and around corners to get there? This is often the part that we fail to prepare for and, a sofa in a box provides the perfect solution. Arriving flat-packed, it is constructed swiftly, without the worry of a day spent negotiating corners in your home.

Is available in an array of designs

For those looking for a classic, timeless piece, the Chesterfield has an abundance of charm. Following on from the popularity of our Chesterfield collection, this sofa in a box is a gem for those previously unable to fit the original sofa in their homes. Alternatively, go for a thoroughly modern, sleek style with the beautifully crafted Model 3 sofa, available in a selection of enticingly bold colours.

For homes with a minimalistic interior, our Scandi inspired Model 4 sofa is a fitting addition. Featuring tapered wooden legs and clean lines with slight rounded edges, this style sofa in a box exhibits an understated elegance. Also, for those with frequent overnight guests, we know that a welcoming place to sleep is important. Our multifunctional sofa bed in a box is the perfect solution for keeping guests happy from day to night. Made with comfort and practicality in mind we have our luxurious Model 5 and Model 6 (2 and 3 seater). Simply unfold in seconds, transforming your space into a bedroom in an instant.

Our new sofa in a box range is quick to implement, big on quality and boast a fantastic selection of fabric, colour choices. A classic of its kind, these new products deliver all the advantages, without any of the fuss!

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